Short presentation

Amiqual4Home (A4H) is an equipment of excellence (Equipex) in the field of Ambient Intelligence. It is funded by the French Research Agency within the Investissements d’Avenir program. The project offers a plateform for research and innovation composed of:

  1. prototyping workshops
  2. experimentation facilities
  3. mobile tools for observing human activities outsite of the lab.

Amiqual4Home is managed in coordination with local experimentation and prototyping platforms Predis, Domus and FabMSTIC.

Amiqual4Home is a platform of Inria, Université Grenoble Alpes, CNRS, Grenoble-INP and Schneider Electric, and is managed by Inria for partnership purposes.

Provided solution to meet the needs

Amiqual4Home offers the following equipment to public and private actors

  1. A Creativity Lab prototyping workshops
  2. Smart home instrumented apartment
  3. Technical Building Group (BGT) open Smart Energy
  4. Mobile equipment: Minikits, mobile eye tracker, NAO robots, etc…

It also offers a team of experienced engineers for expertise or developments in innovative hardwaresoftware systems.

A4H Innovation Factory equipments can be used autonomously, or as part of a collaborative or bilateral project with one or several of the founding partners.

The formalization of the projects can be done either through an agreement for access to the facilities or via a R&D and technological transfer collaboration agreement.

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Client Profile

A4H Innovation Factory targets start-ups and SMEs from all activity sectors, especially Smart Homes, Internet of Things, Social Robotics, and any multidisciplinary project combining Human and Social Sciences with Computer Science.

Client Needs

Companies that want to integrate innovative smart technologies or specific functions into their products.

Case Studies

Toutilo, a cobot for farming

In 2016, Inria and Touti Terre, a pioneer start-up in the use of agricultural robotics for market gardening who develops innovative solutions for sustainable farming, launched joint laboratory “Toutirobo-2” to integrate human-machine interaction in an electric agricultural vehicle and to it optionally autonomous and collaborative with humans. The innovation project is based on Pervasive (Inria-LIG) Research Team and A4H platform for the design of an overall IT solution.