Digital Based Innovation is making a bigger impact than ever on business growth. To get ahead of competitors and stay ahead businesses must innovate. Digital Based Innovation is also the key to successfully navigating today’s rapidly-shifting business environments and making opportunities out of challenges like digital transformation, the energy transition, and integrating new technologies into products and services.A


To meet the new digital innovation needs of companies and territories, the Open Innovation Center, within the Giant Campus ecosystem, leads multi-partner collaborations involving GIANT laboratories, companies and other actors in the chain of value, with a systemic approach combining technological innovation, uses and business models.


The different partnerships of the Open Innovation Center are :

  • GIANT Partnership : One of GIANT’s main objectives is to organize the scientific Presqu’ile site into seven academic and technical centers for excellence. The aim of GIANT is to respond to major challenges confronting our society today, such as Information-Communication – including Artificial Intelligence, CyberPhysical Systems, Connectivity, Cybersecurity…- Energy and Health.
  • Exploration Partnership « Ideas Laboratory » : An ecosystem of multi-sectoral actors collectively seeks innovative solutions of partnership through uses, art or design. It is dedicated to the detection of breakthrough innovation projects.
  • Artists ans Scientists Partnership « Atelier Art & Science » : Sciences Research residencies give the opportunity for artists and scientists to work together over a period of time from a few days to several months. The Atelier Arts Sciences operates with a joint team of Hexagone Scène Nationale Arts Sciences – Meylan and CEA Grenoble.
  • Product Innovation Partnerships : This projects combine high-tech R&D, exploration of new uses for technology, and innovative business models. Teams is made up of CEA technology, marketing, and user-centered design experts and employees of the partner company.  The projects hosted on-site focus on new products and services, emerging technologies, and multi-technology topics. Several projects have already begun, like the 3D printing project with HP.
  • Start-up hosting « Village by CA »: A complete hosting solution for start-up comprising offices, meeting rooms, conference rooms an reception rooms, all with modern design and high-speed connectivity.
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Case Studies

Zest Project with Groupe Brunet

Groupe Brunet, Bouygues, CEA, EDF and Renault launched in 2013 an open innovation project in order to develop a 100% autonomous energy equipment, disconnected fluids (water and electricity) and mobile (mountable and removable). This projet allowed to launch the start-up called ZEST.

LIVERUR European Project (OIC partner)

LIVERUR aims to expand an extremely innovative business model called Living Labs among rural regions. Living laboratories are ecosystems of open innovation, centered on the user, which often operate in a territorial context, integrating concurrent research and innovation processes within a public-private partnership.