FED4SAE, Accelerating EUROPEAN CPS Solutions to Market

Short presentation

We offer a one-stop-shop to accelerate CPS development, Funded by the European Commission.


CEA Service

Provided solution to meet the needs

  1. Bring innovative Cyber-Physical System technologies to business from any sectors and any companies
  2. Link third parties to suppliers across value-chains and regions in order to create innovative CPS solutions
  3. Link third parties to investors across value-chains and regions in order to accelerate CPS solutions development and industrialization
  4. Reach the sustainability of the pan-European Digital Innovation Hub (DIH) network

FED4SAE brings together

  • Thirteen partner
  • Ten countries
  • Eight R&D centers 
  • Five industrial partners, and
  • One SME 


Key figures: 

  • 70% FUNDING. To support R&D of EU SMEs and Mid-caps
  • 3 OPEN CALLS. We will accept applications every six months
  • 12-18 MONTH MAX DURATION. Maximum duration for funded projects
  • 35 SELECTED. Proposals we will support in bringing CPS solutions to market


Client needs:

The challenge is to combat the valley of death, when companies struggle to finalise their product development with no or low revenue generation and limited resources to reach the market

Success stories

Artomatix – An artificial intelligence that enhances videos locally to limit internet traffic ties to streaming


To enhance Artomatix platform, developing AI to automate 3D art graphics primarily in video games but also applicable for video and films: 

  • to achieve high quality streaming video while increasing the compression rate and decreasing the resolution of the source stream. 
  • Potential to massively reduce global internet traffic benefitting the World at large.