Open Innovation Days

Provided solution to meet the needs

An Open Innovation Day is curated by Minalogic for a specific Large Corporation. Throughout this day-long event, the Large Corporation can meet up to 50 innovative SMEs and start-ups providing solutions addressing their unique needs. For startups & SMEs, the Open Innovation Day represents an invaluable opportunity to establish a business relationship with the Large Corporation.

Value proposition for Large Corporations:

  • Efficient networking format: opportunity to meet a large number of start-ups and SMEs in a single day
  • Targeted sourcing of participants: start-ups and SMEs are handpicked by Minalogic to address the specific needs of the Large Corporation.
  • High success rate: an average of 50% of start-ups & SMEs establish a formal business relationship with the Large Corporation after the event

Value proposition for start-ups & SMEs:

  • Relationship building: access to key decision makers and opportunity to more deeply understand their corporate strategy
  • Business exposure: format of event is designed to support startups & SMEs by showcasing their unique and innovative solutions to key decision makers (e.g., through pitch and B2B meetings)



Minalogic Service

Client Profile:

Open innovation days are open innovation accelerators designed to bring together:

  • a large corporation looking for innovation opportunities in the digital technology field
  • and a curated portfolio of innovative startups & SMEs.

The goal is to facilitate business opportunities and partnerships.

Client needs:

Grow their business by developing new business contracts or technology cooperation agreements.

Since 2012, Minalogic has successfully organized 21 Open Innovation Days, including one at the European Level in partnership with the Silicon Europe Alliance for the Thales Group.