Regional Digital Campus

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Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region adopted in 2017 a strategic digital roadmap for 2017-2021 with three main ambitions: a region that is 100% connected; a region that creates and promote digital jobs; and a region that creates digital services.

One of the keystone of this strategy is the Regional Digital Campus: a unique place in France, that drives digital transformation both in terms of technology and skills, building strong exchanges between enterprises, RTO and education. By making the Regional Digital Campus a priority, our Region has decided to commit itself to act in order to boost training and ensure adequacy of employees' skills with the needs of the businesses to guarantee fast and long term employability and develop entrepreneurship. In that framework, the Campus is member of the EU Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition.

By locating several innovative degrees and academic courses, supporting clusters, and aiming industrial digital transformation, the objectives of the Campus are:

  • To develop the employability of young people (through initial training) and of workers (through vocational training including upskilling and reskilling) -> an educational campus,
  • To attract and retain our human capital in the region -> a place for people excellence,
  • To promote entrepreneurship, ensure the excellence of companies in the digital sector, and to empower the industrial transformations lead by digital innovations -> a place for technology and innovation excellence.

At large, Campus objectives are: employability, digital culture, economic growth.


Campus Région Service


Provided solution to meet the needs

The Campus is a unique place that drives an original approach to emphases regional digital assets. It is a combination, on a same place, of academic courses, innovative schools, clusters, projects, all oriented on digital skills development and companies’ digital transformation. In itself, the Campus is a hub and a platform.

The first phase of the Campus has been launched in September 2017 and consists in setting-up a physical place of training and exchanges. The idea is to complement the academic trainings of excellence available in the region through universities and engineering schools and federate public and private actors contributing to promote digital skills at regional level. The aim is to provide not only innovating trainings but also business services essential for employment and growth.

The selected residents of the Campus are digital centric, innovative, technology up-to-date, focused on companies’ needs and employment oriented.

To fulfil this ambition, 50 training initiatives have been certified with the Label “Campus Région” across the region, among which 8 schools located in the Campus flagship, for more than 800 students including girls as 40%.

As an example, Le 101 ( is a coding school without teachers, totally free for young people with or without a degree, and offering a real prospect of employment. The Campus also hosts courses in webdesign for deaf students fully taught in French sign language (, and more than 15 other courses in digital skills and smart technologies. 

It is also really serving businesses as it hosts 4 key partners, working daily for companies: Digital League, the regional digital cluster, Entreprises et numérique (ENE), a technical center which offers multiple guiding and support services for SMEs, Minalogic, the well-known world class competitiveness cluster leader in France for new technologies as well as Imaginove, the cluster for content and digital uses.

This active digital ecosystem constitutes a real talent accelerator for the digital transition of businesses working on a common ambition: employment and economic growth.


Client Profile & needs:

The Campus is dedicated to serve: education, transformation, innovation; so all individuals and companies that have to integrate digital skills and smart technologies are welcome in our ecosystem:

  • Individuals who need to find digital courses or to empower their digital skills.
  • Companies (mainly SMEs) that look for help in their digital transformation.
  • Major companies that want to strength innovation and technological transfers.


Success stories / Key figures

Although the Digital Regional Campus is quite recent as it has been launched less than 14 months ago, we can consider it is already a success in terms of applications for training and for labelling.

The next step for the Campus planned for 2020 is its extension and moving in the near subsurbs of Lyon, in Charbonnières-les-Bains, where more than 3,000 learners will study on an 11 hectares’ site.

This new location will host new partners on a complementary aim: industry for the future (or industry 4.0). New trainings and services will be integrated and the Campus will offer new facilities for the students and working community such as coworking, rental spaces, housing, hotel services. The whole community is expected to be finalized in 2025 with an objective of more than 5,000 learners, places for companies, a scaling-up of the research facility and the emergence of an advanced research factory of the future: